Peter Gaido is one of the funniest lawyers at the firm of Gaido & Fintzen in Chicago. Either that says something good about his sense of humor or something bad about his lawyering ability. Peter lives with his wife in St. Charles, Illinois and, although he speaks their language, neither his son, Antonio, nor his daughter, Dominique, listen to him. He's hoping the one due in December will.


  Marc Jaffe is a father by day, a comedy writer by night and a Major League Baseball player on weekends and holidays. Or at least he would be if he wasn't so busy writing comedy and being a dad and, oh yeah, could hit a 95 MPH fastball. Marc is most recognized as a writer for the television show Seinfeld and as the author of the highly-acclaimed, hysterical book, Sleeping With Your Gynecologist - Tales From My Marriage to an OB/GYN. He has written screenplays, penned pieces for Readers Digest and been a commentator on NPR's Marketplace. But for you, he's always got time.


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